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Leaps and bounds school

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that children understand themselves and their world through pleasurable learning activities carefully planned for the child's developmental level. As children grow and become competent in the skills taught, they become self-directed and have a positive view of themselves. An enthusiasm for learning is a natural by-product of this new self-confidence.

Our goal is to provide a loving and stimulating environment which encourages a child to grow intellectually, to interact appropriately with peers and adults, and to exhibit respect for himself and others. It is the Philosophy of Golden Poppy Preschool that children who feel safe, comfortable, and respected will exhibit a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

We believe that as a child develops new interests, reaches new levels of comprehension, and begins to acquire new skills, it is our job as educators to provide materials to facilitate the child's natural development. The philosophy at Golden Poppy can be described as developmental which means children are divided carefully by age and are instructed according to their developmental milestones.

The focus of our two year old program is self regulation, language development, and following multiple step directives. For our three year old program the focus is encouraging fantasy play, teaching letter recognition, and developing fine motor skills. The focus of our four year old program is the development of more complex cognitive skills, reading readiness skills as well as appropriate social and behavioral skills. Our transitional kindergarten program's focus is on writing skills, more complex math and cognitive skills and early reading development including phonics so our graduates are well prepared for kindergarten.

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