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Why Choose us

We "Pre K Corte Madera" focus on the overall development of your child which prepares them for performing great in their schooling and Golden Poppy School is a high -quality early education provider in Corte Madera.

Preschool Corte Madera Building confidence

At Golden poppy, we boost your child’s confidence through interaction and opportunities to encourage them to achieve every milestone in their life.

A good confidence level helps your child in performing great in academics as well as in life.

Preschool Corte Madera Making your child responsible

We promote making your child self-responsible for their own belongings and work. Our preschool in Corte Madera encourages your child to take care of

their things and do their own work to make them self-responsible. Responsibility is a basic value which should be taught to your children from the very beginning.

Preschool Corte Madera Understanding and managing emotions

At our preschool, emotion management helps your children to make them understand empathy and compassion for others. Young kids face difficulty in

understanding emotions and controlling them. At Infant Care Corte Madera, Our experienced teachers will interact with your child and help them in understanding the series of emotions and how to control them.

Preschool Corte Madera Materialistic learning

Children learn those things faster which they can relate to and find interesting, keeping this in mind our Day Care in Corte Madera indulges your children in

fun learning so that they can grasp things faster and learn in the most interesting and fun way. Our Pre K Corte Madera programs are age-appropriate so that the learning is easy and interesting.

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Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

Day Care Corte Madera

Making your child involved in learning from the very beginning is essential for their overall development. Preschool is the best place for your child to get mental and physical development that prepares them for the academics.

Day Care Corte Madera

Kindergarten involves learning numeric reading and writing skills that are the first level of entering academics. Without preschool, your child may face difficulty in grasping things, interacting with teachers and other children. Our Infant Care Corte Madera helps prepare your child for kindergarten.

Day Care Corte Madera

Preschool is the best place to help your child discover their skills, capabilities, talents and hobbies. At Day Care in Corte Madera, Our teachers will interact with your child and help them grow their skills. Our teachers will also give the right suggestions to your child and guide them in the right direction.

Day Care Corte Madera

Emotion management is essential for every individual and learning them from the start can help them in achieving milestones in their life. Our preschool Corte Madera promotes social and emotional self-control so that your child could know how to control anger and other emotions.

Day Care Corte Madera

Young kids become dependent on their parents and face difficulty in taking self-care in schools. Our Pre K Corte Madera helps your child to know about their body and how to take self-care when their parents are not around.

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"Our family has been with Golden Poppy for three years and we are very happy with the school. Staff reaches out to share stories about your kids on a daily basis. Our kids have a full happy time with lots of activities, art and crafts. Kids always have an interesting story to tell when they get back home. Golden Poppy has been incredibly flexible in working with parents and their communication during the times of COVID"

Molly Branch
Mother of 5 year and 3 year old 3 years with Golden Poppy Preschool