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Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) reflects a developmental approach to teaching and learning. The program focuses on gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, behavioral and self-help skills through hands on learning. Academic skills are taught in ways that are fun for the children, and information is provided in a context that is interesting to them.

The academic objectives of the TK program include the knowledge of personal information (last name, age, address, birth date, etc.), recognition of upper and lower case letters, correct pincer grip for writing and lacing, understanding of phonics (complex sounds and blends), grammatically correct syntax, and a focus on early reading & writing skills.

Mathematical concepts are taught including ability to identify numbers from 1-50, ability to count rote from 1-100, and sequencing of events. Children should strive to have an attention span of 25 minutes and be able to follow a 3 step directive from an adult. Our children leave the TK program well prepared for kindergarten and elementary school.

In addition to language and math, our curriculum includes science, social studies, Spanish, art, cooking and music. Our TK group holds a 45 minute circle time conducted totally in Spanish each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The children are introduced to curriculum through monthly and weekly “themes” in which a variety of knowledge is explored. Field trips are incorporated into the monthly themes studied so that “hands on ” activities enrich learning. Our TK children enjoy many field trips to such places as Slide Ranch, Lawrence Hall of Science, Angel Island, or a local pumpkin patch. Driving on field trips is an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and participate in our curriculum. In addition, our TK group takes daily swim lessons for two weeks during our Summer Session.

Social skills and healthy emotional development are an integral part of the TK program. We teach the importance of privacy, individuality, and respect for one another. Children learn to accept responsibility for their actions. Our goal is to facilitate a healthy self-concept for each child by ensuring that they have many experiences that are successful. A high level of self-esteem is perhaps the most important first step in education.

Golden Poppy’s highly trained teachers do a comprehensive developmental assessment of each child. We work closely with various specialists to make sure your child’s development is on track. Golden Poppy’s director and teachers will meet with parents as needed and follow up with formal parent/teacher conferences each spring. Parents are kept informed through our monthly newsletters and calendars sent electronically to families at the beginning of each month. Teacher’s can be e-mailed or called directly as needed.

The TK program selected may be either part-time or full-time. A morning schedule 9:00am-12:30p.m. is one option, and we also offer a 9-3p.m. schedule. Extra-curricular enrichment classes are available in gymnastics, Spanish, music, or dance four afternoons a week. Teachers prepare “hot lunch” once a week as a fund raiser to help purchase special classroom materials outside of their regular budget.

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