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Paulee H.
Mill Valley, CA  02/04/2012

My son has been there since he was three months old, and has always had wonderful, caring teachers.  He still sees all his previous teachers (he’s just started in the fourth room — the Leopard room) and gives them big hugs in the morning as we pass by all his old classrooms.  Almost all of his classmates have older or younger siblings that have attended or are attending Golden Poppy, which leads me to believe that, like us, their families have had great experiences there.  My youngest is now in the kitten room and loves it.  She is always smiling when I say goodbye to her, no matter who greets us in the kitten room in the morning.  Her primary is Debbie (same as my son’s when he was in the Kitten Room), but she is just as happy to see Anne, Anna, or Margaret.

Ashle M.
Santa Barbara, CA 3/19/2018

We are so grateful for Golden Poppy! We have two girls, ages 3 and 17 months. Our 3-year-old has been with GP for over two years. When she was 8 months, we moved from the city to Marin and had to say goodbye to our beloved nanny.

My father-in-law has a client who raved about Golden Poppy, so we checked it out. It’s pricy, but worth it (and it’s less than a nanny, and right on par with average costs of daycare). The teachers are incredible and love what they do. Rooms are organized by age, so children are learning and developing at an appropriate pace.

Fast forward two years- my three-year-old is thriving and my baby is loving her friends and learning new things each day.

Golden Poppy isn’t a daycare- it’s a school. There is a curriculum, with a thematic focus on letters, words, songs, etc. It’s a beautiful blend between Montessori (creative play) and structure (schedules and lessons). They even offer “electives” – Jamaroo music on Thursdays, gymnastics on Tuesdays. They take nature walks, garden each day, enjoy crafts and teach the kids about safety by having field trips to the police and fire stations- it’s truly remarkable.

The staff is outstanding and like family. Jeanine, the dean of administration, is a partner when it comes to raising great, healthy, happy children. She will take time to troubleshoot and brainstorm if something is amiss (teething? Food sensitivity? Toddler pushing boundaries?). With each room (kitten for infants, Cubs for Tiny toddlers, tigers for 2-3-year-olds and leopards for the teenagers)…we have found inspirational leaders that have impacted our children. Not only have teachers like Margaret, Carmen, Kadija, Najwa, Marcia, Shell, Christina, Armin, Kim, Joanie, Jenna, Katie, Alyssa, Sarah, Anna, Sue and Elizabeth taught our girls new and beautiful ways of the world, they have taught us how to be the best parents we can be. We are so happy that we have a few more years (and new rooms and teachers!) to look forward to.

I HIGHLY recommend the Golden Poppy. You will feel like you are doing your babies a favor by giving them the opportunity to learn in that environment 🙂

Lisa M.
kentfield , CA 08/03/2016

I wanted to share the wonderful experience my family had with GP over the last four years. Both of our daughters have thrived during their time there, our oldest attended from age 1 until almost 5 years old and our little one from age 2 to 3. They have learned so much socially and academically. Most importantly, they have been incredibly happy.

The teachers are attentive, loving and make themselves available to address concerns or lend an ear. On an administrative level, Jeanine, the school’s director, is approachable, quick to respond to requests and has been a huge help through classroom transitions.

I highly recommend GP! We will miss the school very much.

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