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Why Choose us

We "Infant Care San Diego" believes in Incorporating every value in your child that helps them in their overall development and growth in terms of social, physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities. Our pre k San Diego believes in making your child confident and intellectual before they enter schooling.

Pre K San Diego Boosting Confidence in your Child

Boosting your child’s confidence in respect of their unique talent, skills, and learning styles is one of the best ways to encourage them to achieve more milestones

in their life. Appreciation and celebration for their every good work is a key to promote their good learning. Good confidence is necessary to perform well in every field and perform fearless interaction with everyone. Our preschool San Diego helps your child to build confidence from a small age by making them interact with adults and peer groups.

Day Care in San Diego Making them Responsible

Taking responsibility for their own work and doing self-care is something that we promote at our Infant Care San Diego. Beginning from a very young age,

we teach your child to take care of their own body and be responsible for their things. It is a good start for learning. helps your child to incorporate this basic value in themselves so they are able to be responsible for their belonging and work. Our Infant Care San Diego teaches your child to be independent and take responsibility for their actions.

Infant Care San Diego Managing Emotions

This is the basic value that should be taught to children from a very young age to enable them to understand empathy and compassion for others. Moreover, at Pre K San Diego,

we will shower your child with some lifelong skills that help them in understanding and managing emotions. Our pre K San Diego encourages emotion management in children so that they are able to understand a series of emotions such as empathy, compassion, excitement and more and know how to control or manage them.

Preschool San Diego Fun Learning

At our Day Care in San Diego, we indulge your children in fun learning that helps them in grasping things faster. We ensure that your child learns in a way that is comfortable and age-appropriate.

Children learn faster when things are taught in an interesting way. Infant care in San Diego teaches your child to learn in a fun way so that they can grasp things faster and pay attention. This way of learning helps in making your child focused and not get bored.

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Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

Preschool San Diego

Learning should be started from the earliest. Infant Care San Diego will help your child grow from the very beginning and learn to interact with the adults and other groups of children. It gives the opportunity to follow instructions, learn and understand their surroundings. Our Infant Care San Diego offers development opportunities through our programs and fun learning. We involve your child in intellectual learning activities so that it contributes to their overall development.

Preschool San Diego

Preschool is the best way to prepare your children for future academics. Without attending the preschools, your child might face difficulty in interacting with teachers, other kids, and making friends. Moreover, they face difficulty in grasping the pre-math and pre-literacy skills. Pre K San Diego will prepare your child for the same. Pre K San Diego makes learning interactive and prepares your child for kindergarten.

Preschool San Diego

Preschool enables your child to identify their skills, talent, and interests and choose those activities that interest them the most rather than wandering aimlessly. Our teachers at Pre K San Diego will ensure to help out your child by giving him suggestions and helping them to make the right choice. Our teachers are dedicated to nourish your child’s abilities at Pre K San Diego.

Preschool San Diego

At preschool San Diego, your child is introduced to social and emotional development where they will be taught to feel cared and to care for others too. Your child will learn social skills and emotional self-control. Followed by this, Infant Care San Diego teachers will teach them to manage anger and how to resolve their issues with other children.

Preschool San Diego

Self-care and growth is something that should be incorporated in children from the very beginning. Knowing about their body and health is a must for growing children. At Day Care in San Diego, this will include teaching them about good habits such as washing hands, maintaining hygiene, and taking care of their belongings. Day care in San Diego teaches your child to know about their body.

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"Our family has been with Golden Poppy for three years and we are very happy with the school. Staff reaches out to share stories about your kids on a daily basis. Our kids have a full happy time with lots of activities, art and crafts. Kids always have an interesting story to tell when they get back home. Golden Poppy has been incredibly flexible in working with parents and their communication during the times of COVID"

Molly Branch
Mother of 5 year and 3 year old 3 years with Golden Poppy Preschool