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Golden Poppy Preschool San Diego

A preschool and child development center offering programs that help a child grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

The center serves children from birth through kindergarten. It offers instructions to students in groups that are created according to their developmental levels and social maturity. The center encourages children to use their imagination through games, lessons, and other activities, such as dramatic play.

Values that we deliver at our Preschool in San Diego

We believe in Incorporating every value in your child that helps them in their overall development and growth in terms of social, physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities.

1.) Boosting Confidence in your Child

Boosting your child’s confidence in respect of their unique talent, skills, and learning styles is one of the best ways to encourage them to achieve more milestones in their life. Appreciation and celebration for their every good work is a key to promote their good learning.

2.) Making them Responsible

Taking responsibility for their own work and doing self-care is something that we promote at our preschool in San Diego. Beginning from a very young age, we teach your child to take care of their own body and be responsible for their things. It is a good start for learning.

3.) Managing Emotions

This is the basic value that should to taught to children from a very young age to enable them to understand empathy and compassion for others. Moreover, at Golden Poppy, we will shower your child with some lifelong skills that help them in understanding and managing emotions.

4.) Fun Learning

At our daycare in San Diego, we indulge your children in fun learning that helps them in grasping things faster. We ensure that your child learns in a way that is comfortable and age-appropriate. Children learn faster when things are taught in an interesting way.

Programs we offer at our Preschool in San Diego

1.) Infant program (age birth to one-year-olds)

Infant care in san Diego involves primary care and stimulating activities for your baby by an assigned teacher who will communicate to you regarding your child’s sleeping, feeding, and diapering schedules. Our primary teachers will indulge your baby in daily activities such as storytime, music, educational toys, and more to enhance your child’s development process. Learn more

2.) Toddler program (age one to two years old)

As your child enters the toddler stage, they are introduced to more fun experiences and projects such as art, puzzles, music, dramatic play, and more to stimulate confidence in them. Their assigned teacher will keep you updated regarding the child’s development progress. We will work on your toddler’s language development and problem-solving. Learn more

3.) Two-year-old program (ages two to three)

Two- year old program at a preschool in San Diego focuses more on enhancing your child’s self-confidence, independence and peer interaction with adults. Our activities for two-year-olds are designed according to your child’s development capabilities and interests. During this program, your child will be introduced to language development, understanding body parts, natural studies and more. Learn more

4.) Three-year-old program (ages three to four)

This program is designed to stimulate your child’s growing skills and capabilities. At golden Poppy, our trained teachers will introduce your children to a wide range of learning activities including language skills, thematic curriculum, and behavioral and socio-emotional development. In addition to this, your child will also be introduced to motor skill development, cooking project, dance or music sessions. Learn more

5.) Pre-K program (ages four to five)

During our pre-K program, we involve your child into fun activities and age-appropriate learning that enhances their learning goals. This program focuses more on enhancing your child’s reading and writing skills and making them understand various numerical concepts. We indulge your children in fun activities such as a visit to the field to boost their academic skills. Learn more

6.) Transitional kindergarten (ages five to six)

As your child has turned more mature by now, we strive to focus on more teaching and learning approaches. During this program, we promote fine motor, language, cognitive, behavioral and self-help skills through the learning process. The primary objective of this program is to familiarize your child with personal information such as age, name, birth date, address and more. Learn more

Reasons why your child should attend preschool

1.) We offer growth opportunity

Learning should be started from the earliest. Preschool will help your child grow from the very beginning and learn to interact with the adults and other groups of children. It gives the opportunity to follow instructions, learn and understand their surroundings.

2.) We prepare your children for kindergarten

Preschool is the best way to prepare your children for future academics. Without attending the preschools, your child might face difficulty in interacting with teachers, other kids, and making friends. Moreover, they face difficulty in grasping the pre-math and pre-literacy skills. Preschool will prepare your child for the same.

3.) We enable your child to make choices

Preschool enables your child to identify their skills, talent, and interests and choose those activities that interest them the most rather than wandering aimlessly. Our teachers at Golden Poppy will ensure to help out your child by giving him suggestions and helping them to make the right choice.

4.) We promote emotion management in your child

At preschool, your child is introduced to social and emotional development where they will be taught to feel cared and to care for others too. Your child will learn social skills and emotional self-control. Followed by this, our teachers will teach them to manage anger and how to resolve their issues with other children.

5.) Your child will learn self-care

Self-care and growth is something that should be incorporated in children from the very beginning. Knowing about their body and health is a must for growing children. This will include teaching them about good habits such as washing hands, maintaining hygiene, and taking care of their belongings.

Address: 3422 Tripp Ct, San Diego, California, 92121
Phone: (858) 794-9130
Email: goldenpoppysandiego@gmail.com
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Sarah Kornijczuk

Golden Poppy School - San diego

My name is Sarah, I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and have been working in this field for over 15 years. I have a passion for teaching, educating and helping little ones to blossom and grow. I have worked in every area of a preschool and each position has taught me what I need to be a Director and help my staff and children grow.