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Our Pre-K program reflects a developmental philosophy where children are often placed into groups according to age and skill level, so that a teacher may provide activities that are most appropriate for each group. Within the school year the children are often re-grouped as they master more difficult tasks. Academic skills are taught through project and theme based activities that are fun for the children.

The academic objectives of the Pre-K program include the knowledge of personal information, recognition of upper and lower case letters, understanding of phonics, recognition of higher numerals and an understanding of numerical concepts. In addition there is a focus on early reading & writing skills. Our goal is to expose each child to a variety of learning experiences to facilitate a healthy self-concept. Teachers emphasize appropriate receptive and expressive language skills.

We focus primarily on language and math, yet the curriculum also includes science, social studies, Spanish, art, cooking and music. These activities are theme based and are included in our daily lessons. Occasional field trips are planned to enhance our learning goals. Parents have an opportunity to drive on field trips (i.e. to Marine Mammal Center, the zoo, Audubon Society and Showcase Theater). This is a great opportunity for parents to meet one another and to be involved in our program.

Pre-K children will learn appropriate socio-emotional and behavioral skills as part of our program. Children arrive with varied social backgrounds and through experiences at Golden Poppy are taught to interact appropriately with teachers, parents and peers, follow instructions, and accept responsibility for their actions. Children are expected to participate cooperatively in activities, share, and take turns. Our Pre-K children are well prepared for our Transitional Kindergarten program or kindergarten depending on their birth date and readiness.

Golden Poppy’s highly trained teachers do a comprehensive developmental assessment of each child. We work closely with various specialists to make sure your child’s development is on track. Golden Poppy’s director and teachers will meet with parents as needed and follow up with formal parent/teacher conferences each spring. Parents are kept informed through our monthly newsletters and calendars sent electronically to families at the beginning of each month. Teacher’s can be e-mailed or called directly as needed.

The Pre-K program selected may be either part-time or full-time. A morning schedule 9-12:30p.m. is one option, and we also offer a 9-3p.m. schedule. Extra-curricular enrichment classes are available in gymnastics, Spanish, music, or dance four afternoons a week. Teachers prepare “hot lunch” once a week as a fund raiser to help purchase special classroom materials outside of their regular budget.

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