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Our two-year old program introduces children to a more structured learning environment which focuses on fostering self-confidence, independence, and appropriate peer interactions. Activities are varied, stimulating, and fun. Our goal is to plan age appropriate activities that focus on a child’s developmental capabilities and interests. Our curriculum is organized around monthly themes such as space study, dinosaurs, camping and zoo animals.

Children are grouped by age and maturity level to compliment each child’s educational progress. A great deal of emphasis is placed on developing language through teacher interaction and modeling, reading stories, inviting dramatic play, and providing repetition games and singing. Children are expected to form 2-3 word sentences with gradually increasing vocabulary, follow simple two step commands, and have intelligible speech.

Cognitively children are introduced to naming body parts, understanding how objects are used, knowing their name, age and gender, and recognizing the letters in their name. In addition they are exposed to basic colors and shapes. Our two year olds learn to count to ten, and recognize numbers up to 5. These skills are reinforced through matching, sorting, classifying and categorizing activities.

The children are also involved in cooking projects, gardening, art projects, and nature studies. They learn about their community and different cultures. The two year old circle time is done in both English and Spanish learning numbers, colors and basic objects. Fine motor activities are enhanced by stacking blocks, using scissors, drawing a circle, holding a paint brush and lacing. As children mature and grow intellectually throughout the year, activities can become longer and more involved.

Social and behavioral milestones are an integral part of our two year old curriculum. Children learn to exhibit self-control, express a wide range of emotions verbally, imitate adult behavior, and demonstrate increasing independence through learning to dress themselves, share toys, and accomplish potty training.

The preschool program selected may be either part-time or full-time. A morning program 9-12:30p.m. is one option, and we also offer a 9-3p.m. program. Extra-curricular enrichment classes are available in gymnastics, Spanish, music, or dance four afternoons a week. Teachers prepare a “hot lunch” once a week as a fund raiser to help purchase special classroom materials outside of their regular budget.

Golden Poppy’s highly trained teachers do a comprehensive developmental assessment of each child. We work closely with various specialists to make sure your child’s development is on track. Golden Poppy’s director and teachers will meet with parents as needed and follow up with formal parent/teacher conferences each spring. Parents are kept informed through our monthly newsletters and calendars sent electronically to families at the beginning of each month. Teacher’s can be e-mailed or called directly as needed.

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