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What We Do For Your Child

Infant Care Corte Madera

The two-year-old program of Golden Poppy school aims to enhance your child’s skills including social skills, language skills, writing skills and more. We help your child in their overall development through age-appropriate learning and activities. We “Infant Care San Diego” prepare them for academics from the very beginning. These are various capabilities and skills that we help your child to enhance.

Preschool Corte Madera Executive Function Skills

The young growing minds need the right direction to adapt, control and formulate information in their head and carry out activities. Through our program, Pre K San Diego works on your child’s executive function skills and helps them to grab information, plan and solve problems.

Preschool Corte Madera Developmental Capabilities

Our preschool works at your child’s overall development in terms of their skills and capabilities. Our program is designed to nourish their capabilities and prepare them for the academics. Developmental capabilities will help your child in performing great in higher education.

Preschool Corte Madera Teachers Interaction with Children

Preschool allows your child to engage with adults and improve their communication skills. It helps in boosting their confidence level. Our teachers at Golden Poppy school will have meaningful interaction with your child where they will help in nourishing their skills and abilities.

Our Program

Our program is designed that suits your child's age and interests. Our teachers at Golden Poppy Preschool San Diego aim at enhancing your child’s skills including language skills, emotional self-regulation skills, self-regulation in learning skills and social skills. Our two-year-old program helps children to discover their capabilities.

Language skills

Good language skills are essential to perform well in every field. Our preschool will help your child adapt the ability of adequate language skills, which will help in their overall

educational, cognitive and social development.

Emotional self-regulation skills

Toddlers are not great at managing their emotions. Our preschool will help them to adapt to the behaviour of controlling and managing their emotions through various situations,

activities and programs.

Self-regulation in learning skills

Self-regulation is important for every individual. Learning this from a very beginning can help your child to do well in their life. Our teachers at Day Care in San Diego will teach your child to control or self-regulate

from running after immediate satisfaction to achieve long-term goals. Our aim is to teach them the art of patients, persistence and concentration.

Social skills

Enhancing confidence and communication skills of your child cannot be done with home-based learning. Preschool allows your child to interact and empathize with a group of

children and adults, which contributes to their overall confidence and communication skills.


"Our family has been with Golden Poppy for three years and we are very happy with the school. Staff reaches out to share stories about your kids on a daily basis. Our kids have a full happy time with lots of activities, art and crafts. Kids always have an interesting story to tell when they get back home. Golden Poppy has been incredibly flexible in working with parents and their communication during the times of COVID"

Molly Branch
Mother of 5 year and 3 year old 3 years with Golden Poppy Preschool



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