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Our three year old program is designed to accommodate the emerging skills and capabilities of these young learners. Children are grouped by age and maturity level and are introduced to a rich array of learning activities specifically designed to engage the developmental milestones of three year old children.

The academic focus in the three year old program is two fold; language and fine motor development. Language skills include articulation, syntax, appropriate grammar, letter recognition and letter-sound correspondence. Children learn primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and basic & complex shapes, Fine motor skills are developed with use of scissors, stencils, lacing boards, tracing and duplicating letters.

Additional thematic curriculum includes science, Spanish, math and social studies, where children learn about their own community and different cultures. Math activities include classification, sorting, number recognition, and counting to 30. Science activities include discovery of the solar system, insects, physical health and nutrition. Children are introduced to art and cooking projects, sensory-motor games, drama, and singing. There is a mix of teacher-directed activities and time for free exploration and play. Families enjoy periodic field trips to various venues.

The three year old group also focuses on behavioral and socio-emotional development. The children learn to separate easily from parents, respect one another, transition easily between activities, sit quietly during circle time and take turns willingly. Children who have not yet accomplished their potty training goals will be assisted to complete this training.

Golden Poppy’s highly trained teachers do a comprehensive developmental assessment of each child. We work closely with various specialists to make sure your child’s development is on track. Golden Poppy’s director and teachers will meet with parents as needed and follow up with formal parent/teacher conferences each spring. Parents are kept informed through our monthly newsletters and calendars sent electronically to families at the beginning of each month. Teacher’s can be e-mailed or called directly as needed.

The preschool program selected may be either part-time or full-time. A morning program 9-12:30p.m. is one option, and we also offer a 9-3p.m. program.Extra-curricular enrichment classes are available in gymnastics, Spanish, music, or dance four afternoons a week. Our teachers prepare a “hot lunch” once a week as a fund raiser to purchase special classroom materials outside of their regular budget.

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